Received funding

Crowfounding campaign ended: € 54,228 collected!

Our project was selected and placed in the crowdfunding platform TIM WithYouWeDo from February 15th to July 4th, 2016. We raised funds through donations made by people who believed in our project and decided to support it. Donations are currently being destined towards creating a KiBu DEMO version! We really appreciate the support received from the 88 donors and from the staff from the Master in Computer Game Development of the University of Verona.Our donors allowed us to exceed our goal of 50.000 €! We greatly appreciate the invaluable help from the staff and students of the Masters program in giving us their expertise, time, and kindness during the development of the DEMO, and we are very much looking forward to the completion of the alpha version of the game!

“We have the opportunity to achieve something concrete with our students during their training. This is an important experience to ensure that video games are placed at the service of social inclusion “, these are Umberto Castellani’s words, Director of the Master. This kind of motivation drove many important donations towards our project!

Thanks to everyone who has supported our project!

Wall of Thanks

This space is intended to imprint the names of those who helped us by supporting the development of KiBu. We wanted to write the names of our supporters on the crown of a tree to remind ourselves and to them that any project must be cared for on a daily basis. It should be treated as the growth of a living being.

Each of you is a root and fruit of our tree.

And we thank you.

Francesca, Caterina, Marilina