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KIBU is the first tool designed by the project Play for inclusion

Play for Inclusion is a project developed by Caterina Bembich, Francesca Postiglione, Marilina Mastrogiuseppe. Its main goal is the transfer of robust findings of cognitive neuroscience into tools aimed to promote and potentiate cognitive development of children as individuals.

Our mission is to translate the scientific evidences in game solution that allows EVERY CHILD to learn and develop their potential to the fullest, adapting to its level of development.

KIBU is our first challenge: an adventure video game that trains the mind of all children!

Play for Inclusion


Play for inclusion is born from the meeting of three young researchers, Caterina Bembich, Marilina Mastrogiuseppe and Francesca Postiglione, which crossing their destinies in their studies, have decided to share a dream: to apply the results of researches in the field of cognitive science, developmental and education psychology, in the development of technological tools useful for the growth of each child.

We have considered that today all children approach early technology. However the stimuli that the children receive through technological devices are not always adapt to individual growth requirements.

We know that the number of hours spent with technological devices, such as smartphones and tablets, is rapidly increased in the last years. It is therefore evident that the time that the children spend with the technology has to be a quality time and a nourishment for their growth.

For this reason we have imagined a future in which technological devices can be used as as tools to promote psychological growth, adapting to the needs of each child.

Hence the idea to create KIBU!

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